A partner and exhibitor exhibition was organized as part of the Forum.

The Russia–Africa Economic Forum Exhibition was a key platform for demonstrating achievements and potential opportunities in economics, science, ecology, and culture.

Exhibition participants will present landmark projects and advanced technologies in the mining and chemical industries, engineering and energy, agriculture and transport, healthcare, the military-industrial complex, and other areas with potential for developing investment and export between Russia and Africa.



Discover Russian Cuisine (DRC)

The Discover Russian Cuisine Festival, a tasting event, was held on 23–24 October 2019 in Sochi as part of the Russia–Africa Economic Forum.

Forum participants enjoyed the extensive programme of the festival of Russian gastronomy and Russian regional products.

A team of the best Russian and foreign chefs showed off Russia’s diverse cuisine, combining Russian local products and traditional tastes with modern culinary technologies. Famous chefs demonstrated their skills on a chef’s table and in master classes.

The programme included the Black Sea Stories gastronomic set from Andrey Savenkov and Artur Vidinsh, a French-Belgian set from the cooking maestros Michel Lenz and Roland Debuyst, and an exquisite set from the young chef Nikita Prikhodko. The sets were accompanied by wine from Russian companies that perfectly complemented the array of flavours.

Djibouti Ports & Free Zones Authority

Dear valuable visitor,
A Stand of the Republic of Djibouti was open for the exhibition.

We are promoting the state-of-art logistic platforms of Djibouti expose the way they will enhance the Russia–Africa trades. Indeed, Djibouti is continuing its investments and modernization on strategic infrastructure projects such as the Multipurpose Ports, its container terminals, oil & gas facilities, industrial free zones and the Trans-African Railway. This land connection and the highways will strengthen connection between the Russian Ports in the Black Sea to the COMESA landlock members and to West African countries. You will also be immerged in the rare places in the world, where it is guaranteed to discover the wonderland for divers, green tourism in lunar landscape of Lac Abbe, walk on the Salt Floe of Lac Assal, 150m BSL, paddle in the “Amazonian” mangroves and savor one of the most heathy sea food.

Royal Air Maroc

National Airline of Morocco – Royal Air Maroc Airline (Morocco) presented the latest news. The airline began operating direct flights between Russia and Africa, Moscow – Casablanca. The stand featured information about flight schedules, flight network in Africa, fares, conditions for group and corporate transportation, organization of conferences, MICE and cargo transportation. Forum participants were able to get the most up-to-date information directly from representatives of the airline.


YAMAGUCHI is the official distributor of premium YAMAGUCHI and US MEDICA massage equipment in the Russian Federation and CIS. Today, the company is a leader in the massage equipment market.

YAMAGUCHI chairs are found in the waiting and rest areas of large Russian and foreign corporations, elite fitness clubs, car dealerships and hotels, and business and VIP lounges in Russia’s main airports.



Belaru represents a group of companies working in Russia and Africa. With our global operations and B2B format, we have combined several of the following businesses: medicine, engineering services, security systems, industrial equipment, metallurgy, and agriculture.


At the LEGINT Bureau, Forum participants could find:


At the Forum site, the leading Russian manufacturer of armoured wheeled vehicles VPK LLC exhibited 4x4 new generation armoured vehicles. Their main distinctive features are high off-road capability, reliability, ease of maintenance, guarantee of the declared technical specifications, including ballistic protection and mine resistance.

One of them is the multipurpose armoured vehicle VPK-URAL of GVW 14.5 t. The vehicle is designed for personnel transportation (up to 12 people, including the driver) and various freight, providing the declared level of protection, installation of special equipment, as well as for towing trailer systems.

The second one is the VPK-233136 TIGR Special Armoured Vehicle with a five-door armoured hull and a wide range of extra options of GVW 8.2 t. In this configuration, the TIGR is capable to carry nine people, including the driver, and is equipped with comfortable seats.

At the site of VPK LLC, representatives of the company gave presentations of armoured vehicles and answered all the guests’ questions.


The booth of Goznak Joint-Stock Company presented secure printed and monetary products such as banknotes, coins, and passports. Goznak is a leading global manufacturer of secure printed and monetary products for both the Bank of Russia and central banks of foreign countries and also carries out export activities to ensure countries’ national security with respect to cash circulation, identification of citizens, and the traceability of exported goods. Banknotes and passports are regarded as strategic products for public use and are ordered by the government in many countries.

GAZ Group

GAZ Group, largest Russian manufacturer of commercial vehicles and buses, presented at its stand a broad model range of Russian-made wheeled vehicles.

GAZ Group (www.gazglobal.com) develops and produces automobiles for various lines of business, industry, freight and passenger transportation, utilities, healthcare institutions and schools. The company is sales leader on the Russian market in the segments of light commercial vehicles, medium-duty trucks and buses and exports its products to 40 countries worldwide.

GAZ Group's stand displayed maximally full range of products: light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, buses of various classes and purposes, engines. At the stand specialists from the company spoke about more than 800 package offerings of automotive products for passenger and cargo transportation and provided video and printed materials in English and French.

Also taking place on 23 October at 14:30 was the Forum session ‘Transport infrastructure of the African continent’, where GAZ Group's Export Sales Director Leonid Dolgov talked about opportunities for beneficial cooperation in transport infrastructure development.

Business Matching Area

The Roscongress Foundation, Russian Export Center (REC), and African Export–Import Bank (Afreximbank) organized a large meeting place for representatives of Russian and African business on the sidelines of the Russia–Africa Economic Forum on 23–24 October. By joining forces with our key partner on the African continent, Afreximbank, we were able to offer business people a universal tool for networking, scheduling meetings, and the further discussion of opportunities for cooperation.

The Business Matching Area, a comfortable space for businessmen to interact, was set up at the Main Media Centre.

Russian and African delegates were able to register to attend the Business Matching Area using the special online platform in the participant’s Personal Web Office (‘Daily Planner’ tab).


The KAMAZ Group of Companies is Russia’s biggest automotive corporation and one of the world’s top 20 heavy-duty truck manufacturers. It produces a broad range of commercial vehicles: trucks, buses and trailers, including ones based on components of our own design and manufacture. KAMAZ PTC exports to more than 40 countries, including in Africa (Angola, South Africa, Guinea, Liberia, Sudan, etc.). With the assistance of the Government of the Russian Federation, KAMAZ PTC is successfully implementing a project to renovate the fleet of trucks for transporting food and humanitarian goods to the African continent.

Samples of the trucks that operate in Guinee, Ghana, Uganda, Angola, Egypt and other countries were on display at our stand. We prepared for Forum participants catalogues of our products and video materials showing the trucks operating under severe conditions, as well as unique moments from the Dakar Rally with participation by our team KAMAZ-master.


Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Ocean. The country enjoys some particular advantages: a well-educated labor force, a vital port that serves as an entry point for goods destined for countries in the East African and Central Africa interior, abundant wildlife and kilometers of attractive coastline, and a government committed to implementing business reforms.

Kenya's position as the economic, commercial and logistical hub in Eastern Central Africa, places the country as one of the best investment destinations globally. Kenya's economy has for a long time been one of the most diversified with no oil, nor gas exports. The recent discovery of oil in Kenya is likely to strengthen the economic growth. Other major projects include modernizing railways, seaports, the airports, and development of geothermal power stations. Currently, agriculture is the main contributor to Kenya’s GDP, tea and horticulture being the leading export earners.

The Avtomatika Concern

The Avtomatika Concern specializes in the manufacturing of information security products and services, development and production of technical means and systems of secure communication, information and telecommunication, as well as special-purpose automated control systems. The Avtomatika Concern is a leader in the development and production of means of detecting and combating the illegal use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Proekt-Technika Corporation LLC

Proekt-Technika Corporation is one of global leaders in development and manufacture of solutions in the field of special-purpose mobile infrastructure.

The stand of Proekt-Technika Corporation presented the innovative software and hardware developments.

The focus was on three projects:

The detailed information of the Corporation's products was available in the catalogs and presentations exposed on the stand.

The Corporation’s products are in operation in 21 countries around the world, either as independent items and packages or as parts of air defense and radio-electronic warfare units. They are also included in the list of products of the Armaments 2020 Governmental Priority Procurement Program of the Russian Federation.

International Year of the Periodic Table

Russia is ready to share the legacy of Dmitri Mendeleev
The UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2019 the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements in honour of the 150th anniversary of its discovery by the great Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev. The periodic table has become a powerful impetus for the development of chemistry, and now leading global chemical centres are actually determining the vectors for the development of modern civilization.

An interactive exhibition showed guests unique technologies and developments by Russian chemists in areas that are crucial for the world community: water analysis and purification technologies, air purification and disinfection systems, food preservation, disease diagnosis and treatment, alternative energy sources, and technologies for the production of functional components of new generation microelectronics. Guests were greeted by young scientists at the chemical bar, where anyone could sample such drinks as “Kryptonite”, “PinaCollider”, or “Orange Sodium”! Guests were also able to take a trip into virtual reality to visit the office of Dmitri Mendeleev and view the chemical composition of their bodies using an analyser.

Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation is the federal body of executive power exercising functions of development state policy and legislative regulation in the field of agro-industrial complex, market of agriculture products, raw materials and food supply, food and processing industry, sustainable development of agriculture territories as well as land relations in particular referring to agricultural lands. The Ministry also coordinates and monitors the activities of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) and the Federal Agency for Fishery (Rosrybolovstvo).

The Ministry organized a collective exposition at the exhibition as a part of Russia–Africa Economic Forum. More than 200 types of different products were presented by 27 export-oriented companies from the grain, confectionery, oil, dairy and meat industries. Besides, finished products and drinks also were presented at the stand.


PROTEI presented its innovative hardware-software developments at the booth 24-2. The company exposition focused on two main company's business directions: solutions for mobile operators, including MNVO, and integrated safety and security systems for implementing Smart/Safe City concept.

Detailed descriptions and presentations of our product line for Core Network, EPC, Roaming, Data Traffic, Charging, IN & VAS, Messaging services deployment were available to all visitors. The company’s brochures also contained information about PROTEI solutions for safe cities: «911/112» – Emergency Services Response System, «Safe city» – integrated information system and information exchange bus, and Public Warning Alert system. A video demonstration took place on the plasma panel with detailed information about the company, its achievements and successfully implemented projects in 30 countries. Our leading experts were ready to communicate in Russian, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Remdizel (RD) JSC

Remdizel (RD) JSC was established in 1978. This is the largest specialized enterprise in Russia that provides the RF Ministry of Defense with special-purpose vehicles over the whole life cycle: R&D, manufacturing, technical supervision during operation, overhaul, recycling of wheeled and tracked vehicles. RD produces vehicles of the Typhoon and Vystrel Families.

A vehicle from the Typhoon Family was presented at the company’s booth. The Typhoon K-53949 is already well known to customers and has received numerous positive reviews from military officials. This vehicle’s competitive advantages versus other similar offerings on the market is its anti-mine and anti-ballistic protection. The main objective is to save the life of the crew should the vehicle hit an anti-tank mine or during shelling.

The Typhoon K-53949 is an all-terrain vehicle that is ready for use in difficult climatic and adverse conditions. Another serious advantage of the Typhoon Family with its 4x4 wheel configuration is the unification of the main units and the undercarriage systems, which allows for creating various modifications based on the Typhoon K-53949 vehicle.

Russian Export Center

The Russian Export Center’s booth presented product samples and advanced technologies in the mining and chemical industries, transport engineering, energy, electronics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, optics, woodworking, fire extinguishing systems, information technologies as well as in other areas that are promising in terms of the development of export potential between Russia and African countries. We also treated visitors to Russian-made sweets and drinks in a special food area of the booth.

In addition, the booth presented a mockup of the Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt (RIZ) with the adjacent logistics and production infrastructure as well as a designation of the main geographical areas for exports.

The initiative to set up the RIZ is part of the national ‘International Cooperation and Export’ project and provides for the phased deployment of a unique 525-hectare national production complex at the East Port Said site of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which will provide Russian exporters and suppliers with the opportunity to localize their production capacity in close proximity to promising markets in the Middle East and Africa.


ROSOBORONEXPORT is the only state-owned arms trade company in the Russian Federation authorized to export the full range of military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services. It is a subsidiary of the Rostec Corporation. Founded on 4 November, 2000, now ROSOBORONEXPORT is one of the leading world arms exporters to the international market. Its share in Russia's military export exceeds 85 percent. ROSOBORONEXPORT cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations in the Russian defense industrial complex. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with more than 100 countries around the world.


The stand of ‘SPC’ Tecmash exhibited the development results of our leaders in the field of modern ammunition production. One of the most noteworthy product innovations we exhibited was the latest model among the ammunition for MLRS «Tornado-G».

«Tornado-G» is a result of developing the reputed system «Grad» which is accepted for service in many countries for already more than 50 years and has proved its reliability and fail-safety. Unlike «Grad», the «Tornado-G» system has faster control system, engagement effectiveness, ammunition power and availability of an automated control system.

At our stand, we proudly presented our full-scale model of 122 mm HE fragmentation high-effect warhead unguided rocket projectile for MLRS «Tornado-G». It is designed for engaging open and sheltered personnel, non-armored and lightly armored vehicles, command posts and other targets. This ammunition is twice as effective as the regular ammunition for MLRS «Grad».


UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation is one of the largest machine-building complexes of modern Russia. For eight decades, UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation has been manufacturing legendary tanks and engineer vehicles. Today, the Corporation presents a wide range of advanced armoured vehicles and artillery with high modernization potential. The latest developments and unequalled design solutions have been embodied in ARMATA – the only world’s tank of the third postwar generation.

UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation is a recognized leader in production of freight railway vehicles in the 1520-mm gauge domain, and it masters production of the 1435-mm freight cars. Besides, the UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation incorporates manufacture modern public electric transport, road-building vehicles, search-and-rescue equipment, and other products.

Recently, the UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation incorporates have designed dozens of new products, both military and civil ones, having no analogues in the world.

Dummies of the latest special and civil vehicles, catalogue of products, and video presentations will be offered to your kind attention at the UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation booth. On the threshold of the 100th anniversary of the Tank Building we are happy to see you and ready to discuss aspects of the potential cooperation.

Russian Helicopters Holding

The Forum exhibition contained an exposition by the Russian Helicopters Holding, one of the world leaders in the helicopter industry and the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia. Russian Helicopters is one of the few companies in the world with the capability to design, manufacture, test, and maintain modern civilian and military helicopters. According to the Holding’s data, over 8,000 Russian-made helicopters are operated in more than 100 countries. Russian Helicopters has a 90% share of the Russian helicopter market and the company accounts for about 10% of global sales.

The Holding’s exposition in the Industry zone featured the latest civil and military helicopters. In particular, guests and participants of the Russia–Africa Forum had an opportunity to learn more about the modernized Mi-35P attack helicopter as well as the ANSAT light multi-purpose helicopter. These aircraft are ideally suited for use in the harsh climatic and geographical conditions of Africa. Today, more than 900 Soviet- and Russian-produced helicopters are in operation on the African continent, which makes maintenance a highly pertinent issue. A universal solution was presented at our exposition – a mobile service centre that can overhaul Mi-8/17 helicopters directly at the customer’s airfield.

The Holding’s specialists were happy to tell you more about our products and discuss prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Victoria Mayorova
Head of Corporate Partner and Regional Relations


“We highly value the results of our joint work at the summit. I am sure the achieved results are creating a good foundation for further deepening the Russia-Africa partnership in the interests of our nations’ prosperity and wellbeing.”

President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin

The Russia–Africa Summit, which is taking place in Sochi on 23–24 October 2019, encapsulates the historically friendly relations between the African continent and the Russian Federation. This Summit carries great significance as it is the first of its kind to emerge during a period of major global and international transformations. In response to the aspirations of the people it is representing, the Summit intends to build a comprehensive framework for expanding Russian–African relations into broader horizons of joint cooperation across different fields.

The African nations and Russia share a common understanding of international relations, based on the principles of respect for the rule of international law, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Both sides affirm their commitment to support multilateral actions to oppose new international threats, be they terrorism and extremism in all their forms, or declining growth rates. The two sides share a firm conviction regarding the importance of developing trade flows and supporting mutual investment in such a way as to ensure security, peace and development for the African and Russian people.

African countries have huge potential and opportunities that will allow them, once efforts to streamline their economies have been achieved, to emerge as real global players. In recent years, the nations of this continent have achieved major successes spanning the political, economic, social and administrative spheres. Africa has flourished in terms of growth over the past decade, reaching a continent-wide growth rate of 3.55% in 2018.

The African Union Summit, which was held in Niger in July 2019, continued the efforts of the African countries and saw the African Continental Free Trade Agreement come into force, along with its operational instruments. The agreement is one of the key objectives of Agenda 2063, an African development strategy that has been created to address the African people’s desire for prosperity and decent living standards.

These successes are opening up wide-ranging prospects for cooperation between African countries and the Russian Federation, and confirm the determination of African governments and their people to cooperate with multiple partners in order to establish mutually beneficial relations.

With this in mind, we express our hopes that the Russia–Africa Summit will help in the establishment of constructive strategic relations, based on partnership between two sides across various fields, and in the service of fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the African people and their friends in Russia.

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Abdelfattah ALSISI