Dear Partners,

Accreditation for representatives of partner companies of all categories at the Second Russia–Africa Summit and Economic and Humanitarian Forum (participants with the Participant and Guest packages; staff, drivers, and vehicles) starts on 1 April 2023. Please pay special attention to the key deadlines for the submission of information and the rules for working with a partner company’s personal web office.

Information about the accreditation procedure

1 April 2023 – 15 May 2023

Approval of quotas

1 April 2023 – 1 June 2023
Acceptance of
accreditation applications

21 June 2023 – 4 August 2023
Collecting the accreditation

The partner company’s personal web office contains the following information:

Accreditation for the Forum is required for the staff members, drivers, and vehicles of partners that will be located at the venue of the Second Russia–Africa Summit and Economic and Humanitarian Forum (the Forum) for work-related purposes from 8:00 on 24 July 2023 until 8:00 29 July 2023

Accreditation for the setup/dismantling period is required for the staff members, drivers, and vehicles of partners that will be located at the Forum venue for work-related purposes as part of preparations for the Forum during the early setup period from 00:01 on 24 June 2023 until 7:59 on 26 June 2023 and also during the setup/dismantling period from 8:00 on 26 June 2023 until 08:00 on 24 July 2023 and from 8:00 29 July 2023 until 23:59 on 3 August 2023.

Please note that accreditation for the setup/dismantling period is not required for a stand attendant, staff member, driver, or vehicle that is accredited for the period of the Forum.

For the accreditation of participants, staff members, drivers, and vehicles (for the needs of technical staff), you must:

  1. Complete a partner company card: information about the company, participant and staff quotas by zone for the Forum and for setup/dismantling (the number of participants and staff must be specified per the terms of the partnership agreement); the completed card must be signed by the company’s senior executive and endorsed with a corporate seal.

  2. Email an electronic copy of the partner company card (in Excel format) and the scanned version (in PDF or JPEG format) to your personal manager no later than 15 May 2023.

  3. Receive an email information letter from the Roscongress Foundation, which will specify your username and password to log on to the company’s personal web office.

  4. Using your username and password, log on to the organization’s personal web office on the official Forum website.

  5. In your personal web office:

    • complete registration forms for participants;
    • complete registration forms for stand attendants, staff members, vehicles, and drivers in accordance with their accreditation period;
    • upload photos and scanned copies of identification documents for all participants/stand attendants/staff members/drivers.

    If the established quotas for the number of participants have been exceeded from a single partner company, you must send an official request to the Roscongress Foundation.

    The Organizing Committee may request a written substantiation from a partner company for the number of stand attendants and technical staff.

  6. Participants working with professional photography and video equipment (and with a corresponding job title) must obtain accreditation in line with the accreditation rules for media representatives. Please note that professional photography and video equipment will only be allowed into the venue with the appropriate accreditation.

  7. After participants have been approved by the Organizing Committee, you must log on to the personal web office of each participant and, if necessary, register drivers and vehicles

  8. Please provide a signed original copy of the consent to processing of personal data form for each staff member/driver to the Accreditation Centre in advance, in case they were not previously provided to the Roscongress Foundation. The form can also be downloaded from the personal web office.

Requests for accreditation of stand attendants, staff members, drivers, and vehicles will be open until 1 June 2023.

Changes and additions to the lists are subject to approval from head of division of the Roscongress Foundation, and may be made until 5 June 2023. After 5 June 2023, changes and additions may be made only with the approval of the project manager. 

Please keep the following information in mind when working in the personal web office:

1. Photographs for your badge and scanned copies of an identification document are required for all participants, stand attendants, staff members, and drivers that will need to be at the Forum venue for work purposes and are a mandatory part of the accreditation process.

Photographs must meet the following requirements:

Scanned copies of identification documents must meet the following requirements:

2. A participant's vehicles – the Participant package (personal or rented) – can only be registered through the participant's personal web office. 

3. A blank version of the consent to processing of personal data form can also be downloaded in ‘Collecting accreditation package’ section of the personal web office. 

4. If a driver has already been registered in the application as a staff member, then they do not need to be entered a second time to the driver accreditation list. 

5. If a stand attendant/staff member/driver/vehicle has already been registered in the application for the period of the Forum, then they don't need to be entered a second time into the accreditation list for the setup/dismantling period. 

6. The accreditation application for trailers must be submitted separately. 

7. After the data has been entered and saved, any changes to that saved data must be done by submitting a data change application to your designated specialist. 

8. If one participant is replacing another, the latter participant must decline participation in the Forum in the personal web office and inform the participant accreditation specialist about the replacement of the participant.

9. If a stand attendant/staff member/driver/vehicle has been replaced, you must first delete the corresponding stand attendant/staff member/driver/vehicle record and complete a new form in its place. 

10. Replacing or removing a participant/staff member/driver/vehicle that has already received a badge must be done through the Accreditation Department specialist assigned to your organization. 

11. Please note that data is sent for processing in accordance with the processing schedule and also based on whether the participants/staff members have uploaded badge photos and a scanned copy of an identity document to their personal web office according to the established requirements. The correctness of the uploaded documents and data is verified by the Accreditation Department within two business days from the application submission date.

The Forum Organizer reserves the right to deny any accreditation application without explanation.

Collecting accreditation documents

1. To make the accreditation process as smooth as possible, participants have the option of collecting their accreditation badges from accreditation points at the Forum main venue as well as at places of arrival and accommodation.

Please note that the processing time for applications is at least 10 days from the date of registration. Accreditation documents may only be issued for applications with the ‘processed’ status.

2. Participants’ badges are issued in person or by proxy to a third party.

Badges may be collected in person by presenting:

A third party may collect the badges of a participant or a group of participants by proxy.

To collect another participant’s badge by proxy, the authorized person must present:

A power of attorney shall not be valid without a list, copies of passports, and original versions of the consent to the processing of personal data of all accredited participants.

3. Temporary passes for the setup/dismantling period as well as employee and driver badges and transport passes for the Forum are issued as part of a single accreditation package (AP).

The AP can be collected at the technical staff, driver, and vehicle accreditation point, only after agreeing upon a date and time in advance with the Accreditation Department specialist assigned to your organization.

The AP will be delivered to a designated individual upon presentation of:

To replace a lost badge/pass, complete a request for a duplicate badge/pass. The decision about whether to issue a duplicate will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Badges/passes may not be collected in person by individual staff members/drivers.

Participant accreditation point operating hours

Accreditation Centre



Accreditation Centre 1 (Outlet Village Pulkovo, 60/1, Pulkovskoye Shosse)

17–23 July 2023


24 July 2023


25 July 2023.


26–27 July 2023


28 July 2023


Staff accreditation centre operating hours

Accreditation Centre 1 (Outlet Village Pulkovo, 60/1, Pulkovskoye Shosse)



21 June – 16 July 2023


17–23 July 2023


24 July 2023


25 July 2023


26–28 July 2023


29 July 2023



29 july–3 august 2023 г.

10:00 – 20:00

If you have any questions regarding participant and media accreditation, please send an email to the Partner and Media Accreditation Department (

If you have any questions about accreditation for your organization’s stand attendants, staff members, vehicles, and drivers, please call the Accreditation Department on +7 (812) 930 0705 between 10:00 and 18:00 MSK

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the Forum will be conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor).

Forum organizers are developing COVID-19 prophylactic measures in close cooperation with Rospotrebnadzor. Compliance with all prophylactic measures will ensure that the Forum is safe for all to attend.

Please note the Forum venue can only be accessed upon presentation of an accreditation badge/permit that has been activated by a negative PCR test result for COVID-19, obtained in the designated manner.

Detailed information about the testing procedure will be posted on the website later.

Please check the Forum website for updates and newsletters.

“We highly value the results of our joint work at the summit. I am sure the achieved results are creating a good foundation for further deepening the Russia-Africa partnership in the interests of our nations’ prosperity and wellbeing.”

President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin

The Russia–Africa Summit, which is taking place in Sochi on 23–24 October 2019, encapsulates the historically friendly relations between the African continent and the Russian Federation. This Summit carries great significance as it is the first of its kind to emerge during a period of major global and international transformations. In response to the aspirations of the people it is representing, the Summit intends to build a comprehensive framework for expanding Russian–African relations into broader horizons of joint cooperation across different fields.

The African nations and Russia share a common understanding of international relations, based on the principles of respect for the rule of international law, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs of states, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. Both sides affirm their commitment to support multilateral actions to oppose new international threats, be they terrorism and extremism in all their forms, or declining growth rates. The two sides share a firm conviction regarding the importance of developing trade flows and supporting mutual investment in such a way as to ensure security, peace and development for the African and Russian people.

African countries have huge potential and opportunities that will allow them, once efforts to streamline their economies have been achieved, to emerge as real global players. In recent years, the nations of this continent have achieved major successes spanning the political, economic, social and administrative spheres. Africa has flourished in terms of growth over the past decade, reaching a continent-wide growth rate of 3.55% in 2018.

The African Union Summit, which was held in Niger in July 2019, continued the efforts of the African countries and saw the African Continental Free Trade Agreement come into force, along with its operational instruments. The agreement is one of the key objectives of Agenda 2063, an African development strategy that has been created to address the African people’s desire for prosperity and decent living standards.

These successes are opening up wide-ranging prospects for cooperation between African countries and the Russian Federation, and confirm the determination of African governments and their people to cooperate with multiple partners in order to establish mutually beneficial relations.

With this in mind, we express our hopes that the Russia–Africa Summit will help in the establishment of constructive strategic relations, based on partnership between two sides across various fields, and in the service of fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the African people and their friends in Russia.

President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Abdelfattah ALSISI